The Municipal Council office building in Viale Rimembranza was extended to create extra space that would house a “Museum of the Resistance” and a “Centre for Documenting and Promoting Street Music”. The existing building and the two storey extension are connected by the new stairwell and lift and this has simplified access to the entire building. The extension, an authentic example of contemporary architecture, is structurally and stylistically quite autonomous: the design objective was to create a museum-exhibition area using criteria that would heighten well-being and strive to understand the identity of the place and its landscape.
Glass panels are the prevailing element of the external shell of the building. The portions of wall have been clad with wooden slats that are, for the most part, covered by green creepers. This means the building opens onto the surrounding landscape but is itself also green; it is protected from the sun by the vegetation and the brise-soleil positioned on its south-facing side.
The covering of the extension will be landscaped so that the entire extension becomes a link between the original building and the natural landscape.


Locality: Pelago (Florence)
Client: Pelago Municipal Council
Brief: final design project and working plans, project management

Collaborators: Giulia Cellie, Alberto Roccatelli (safety co-ordinator, structural works design project), SPRING Pty Ltd - Manuele Petranelli (design project for the electrical wiring and mechanical systems), GEOECO Associates - Roberto Neroni, Enrico Neroni (geological research and report), Niccolò Neroni.