A series of consultations were held with the Arezzo City Council regarding one of the most important monuments of 16th Century Tuscany. These consultations led to the preparation of working plans for the restoration of the masonry of the Fortress, after which the restoration work commenced: surveys were carried out using the latest techniques, physiochemical analyses were performed and the criteria and techniques to be adopted for the specialized restoration of stone materials were carefully evaluated.
Contemporaneously a project was laid down for restoring the Fortress and creating new functions for some parts of the building and the open spaces associated with it: the proposed new function, consistent with present-day requirements, was a modern-style museum that could use to advantage the buildings extraordinary cultural, didactic and theatrical potential. The restoration process varied according to the area being restored: in some parts of the fortress the original fabric was integrated with contemporary materials and elements, alternative ways of connecting the various areas and linking them to findings from the Roman, Medieval and Modern eras were also suggested. The central oval-shaped area was equipped for en plein air shows and cultural events.

Locality: Arezzo
Client: Arezzo City Council
Brief: Scientific consultation, project management
Consultation period: 2008 – 2010
Project management: 2011 - 2018

Collaboration: Sertec S.a.s, Consilium Srl.