Date of birth: 1970
Place of birth: Berlin (Germany)
1990 -1996 Studied at the Technical University, Berlin and at Florence University
1992 -1996 Internships with various architectural practices in Germany and Italy
1996 Graduated with top marks from the Technical University, Berlin and was awarded the “Erwin-Stephan Preis” in recognition of her university career
1997 - 2006 Worked with the "Studio Gurrieri-De Vita–Gurrieri" in Florence
Since 2007 - Associate architect in the De Vita & Associate Architects architectural practice.
As a professional architect and consultant she has worked on an enormous variety of design themes – restoration and safeguarding of monuments and the territory, design of new residential and commercial complexes, interior designing, fitting out museums, the designing of urban spaces, their accessories and their decor (arredi urbani) – and has been involved in all the different phases of project realization. She is constantly studying the art of building and the links between the architectural design project and its realization paying particular attention to all the elements involved in transforming ideas into concrete reality.